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March 31, 2022

Black Crow AI Raises $25M Series A to Make Enterprise ML Available to All

NEW YORKMarch 31, 2022 — Black Crow AI, the no-code machine learning infrastructure company, has raised a $25 million Series A round led by Imaginary Ventures. Additional firms participating in this round include Left Lane, Good Friends, Interplay and Red Antler, as well as the founders of leading digital commerce brands like Warby Parker, Mejuri, Everlane, Allbirds, Supergoop!, and Reformation. This round brings Black Crow AI’s total funding to $30 million and will be used to accelerate development of new and accessible machine learning use cases in both digital commerce and adjacent verticals.

The Black Crow AI platform is democratizing the power of enterprise-grade machine learning, by delivering infrastructure as a service that works out of the box for companies of any size. Its technology analyzes billions of data points in real-time to optimize core business processes, like managing churn, enhancing customer experience and optimizing marketing spend. Companies can integrate Black Crow AI’s infrastructure into their tech stack in 1 click – all without any engineering or data science skills required.

In the 9 months since Black Crow launched its first machine learning prediction products focused on digital commerce brands, 225 companies have begun using the platform, including Solo Stove, Sakara Life and Liquid IV.

“We believe streaming, real-time event data is the most valuable but underutilized asset in the world today. The tools to generate insights and value from that data have been out of reach for all but the largest enterprises,” says Richard Harris, CEO and co-founder of Black Crow AI. “With this new round of funding, we aim to further democratize machine learning and empower companies to flourish even amidst intense competition from the largest enterprises.”

In the past, the deployment of machine learning at scale has only been available to the largest companies with in-house data science and machine learning teams. Black Crow AI’s no-code platform now enables companies of all sizes to use powerful predictive analytics at very low cost. Black Crow AI empowers teams without technical skills to harness the power of AI predictions to generate massive improvements in growth and operating efficiency.

The round was led by IMAGINARY, which is known for investing in many of the leading and fastest-growing tech-enabled commerce brands, including SKIMS, Glossier, and Daily Harvest. Additional participants in the round are founders of leading software companies like Zuora, Grin, and Moat, Web Summit’s VC fund, Amaranthine, as well as investor Bill Ackman. Black Crow AI’s existing investors Primary Venture Partners, Bloomberg Beta, Interlock Partners, and Vast Ventures also participated in this round.

“We are blown away by the sophistication and expertise of Richard, Damon, and Shehzad and are thrilled to partner with them on Black Crow. They have democratized access to transformative enterprise-grade machine learning for the underserved middle market, with their first use case targeting the growing and universal challenges of rising customer acquisition costs and higher turnover” said Logan Langberg, Partner at IMAGINARY. “We’re already seeing many brands adopt the platform with strong results across marketing channels, retention, conversion rate optimization, and customer service. We believe Black Crow will become integral to the heartbeat of any brand.”

The Black Crow AI team has already grown by over 150% in 2022 to meet the exponential growth in market demand for its machine-learned predictions.

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About Black Crow AI

Black Crow AI is the no-code, real-time prediction platform that brings machine learning to companies of any size. Its machine learning infrastructure predicts the future movement of key KPIs in real-time via a 1-click integration. Black Crow AI’s platform costs less than one data scientist, making it the most accessible solution for using first party data to drive growth and efficiency. The company demonstrates the measurable financial value of its machine-learned predictions during a free 30-day trial. Black Crow AI’s first product for digital commerce companies has already been installed by more than 200 digital commerce brands.

About Imaginary Ventures

In 2018, Natalie Massenet and Nick Brown launched Imaginary Ventures to invest in the tech-enabled brands and platforms that are changing the way we live by providing best-in-class products and experiences. IMAGINARY is a dynamic ecosystem of brands, forging meaningful partnerships and fostering symbiotic relationships within their portfolio, going beyond capital to provide strategic and operational support to drive profitable businesses with staying power. The combination of Natalie Massenet’s experience building a multi-billion dollar e-commerce business from inception with Nick Brown’s strong track record as an early-stage investor in the category brings an unparalleled advantage, differentiated perspective, immersive network, and a deep and varied understanding of consumers to their portfolio companies.

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