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June 17, 2024

Autify Announces $13M Series B Funding and Launches Autonomous AI Agent for Software Quality Assurance

SAN FRANCISCO and TOKYO, June 17, 2024 — Autify, an AI platform for quality engineering, today announced that it has completed a Series B funding round of $13 million and released a beta version of Zenes, an autonomous AI agent for software quality assurance.

Leading the round are Globis Capital Partners, a leading venture capital fund based in Tokyo, Japan, and LG Technology Ventures, the Silicon Valley-based venture capital arm of LG Group, which focuses on AI, enterprise software, and energy transformation. Autify, leveraging the recent round of funding plans to expand into the Korean market and strengthen its collaboration with LG CNS, making Korea a key market of focus alongside existing core markets such as the US and Japan.

Existing investors WiL (World Innovation Lab), Salesforce Ventures, Archetype Ventures, and Uncorrelated Ventures also participated in the round.

Please refer here for more details on this funding round.

Autify is a platform that supercharges developer and QA teams and optimizes the software quality engineering process. The company aims to enhance people’s creativity through AI and technology. Since its inception in 2016, the company has gained a number of global enterprise customers in the B2C and B2B verticals, including DeNA, NEC, NTT Smart Communication, Yahoo, ZOZO, and Q4.

With this recent round of funding, Autify plans to expand its capabilities to support code-based test automation and build a comprehensive Generative AI-powered quality engineering platform featuring its newest product, Zenes.

Supercharging Quality Engineering with Zenes

Zenes is an autonomous AI agent for software quality assurance — in effect, an AI QA engineer working for you. It generates test cases by analyzing product requirement documents, writes automated test codes, and maintains the test codes automatically.

Autify has applied Zenes to its own QA process, successfully reducing the time spent creating test cases by 55%.

After users upload their product requirement document in any file format (.html, .pdf, .docx, .md, etc.), Zenes will generate a group of outlined test cases covering the product specs. Users can then edit these test cases to increase the accuracy of subsequent steps.

After any edits have been made Zenes then generates automated test codes, e.g. the test case steps in Gherkin format. Users can use generative AI-powered code completion within the product to edit this Gherkin output.

“AI is poised to drastically improve productivity in the software development process,” said Ryo Chikazawa, Autify’s co-founder & CEO. “We believe that AI is not here to replace humans. It’s here to enhance human capability so that we can be more creative. The software development process and its quality assurance will be redefined with Generative AI, and we are thrilled to redesign this process with our AI-powered product suite.”

Users can take a closer look at Zenes and join the waitlist for access at

About Autify

With a mission to enhance people’s creativity through technology, Autify, Inc. has developed an AI-powered quality engineering platform. Since its launch, Autify has been implemented by many global organizations whose development teams use Autify to automate their software testing. Test automation often presents several challenges, such as a lack of resources or the time required to create test cases, maintain end-to-end (E2E) test code, and debug tests. Autify’s product suite addresses these issues utilizing generative AI.

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