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June 21, 2018

Attunity Enhances Data Governance Capabilities for On-Premises and Cloud Data Lakes

BURLINGTON, Mass., June 21, 2018 — Attunity, Ltd. (NASDAQ CM: ATTU), a leading provider of data integration and big data management software solutions, has announced new product enhancements to its data integration platform that improve data governance capabilities for organizations moving data to clouds and data lakes. As these new analytic systems grow in size and scale, a lack of understanding and confidence in the data can be one of the largest barriers to adoption. Attunity’s enhanced metadata and data lineage capabilities are designed to help users understand what the source of the data is, and highlight any modifications or transformations within the Attunity platform that have been applied.

These enhanced capabilities, which now include a unified repository for Attunity-sourced data and metadata, are designed to enable interoperability with third-party metadata repositories to support enterprise-class data governance, compliance and data management. Now certified on Apache Atlas and Hortonworks DataPlane, the Attunity solution will be demonstrated live at the DataWorks Summit in San Jose, CA, from June 19-21.

The Attunity platform efficiently manages and monitors data replication and integration to improve overall productivity, performance and security. Expanded capabilities include:

  • Unified view of metadata  As Attunity moves and transforms data in the pipeline, it provides a complete view of data sources, targets and all metadata changes.
  • Synchronization with third-party repositories – Certified support for Apache Atlas and Hortonworks DataPlane with planned support for other platforms expected later in 2018.
  • ODPi interoperability – Attunity is working closely with the leaders of the Open Data Platform initiative (known as ODPi) to promote the emerging metadata interoperability standard in the industry and encourage other business leaders to become involved. To support this initiative, the Attunity platform is expected to be fully integrated with ODPi later in the year.

“Without the complete view of data and metadata as it is loaded into Hortonworks DataPlane, enterprises struggle to maintain proper end-to-end data compliance internally and to meet industry regulations. With Attunity’s platform, we’ve empowered Hortonworks DataPlane and Data Steward Studio customers with better information about their data. Now they are able to gain the missing data lineage and insight into transactional data source information that was previously inaccessible. Apache Atlas and Apache Ranger are key to making this possible for customers,” said Jamie Engesser, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Hortonworks.

“One of the challenges and biggest gaps in the data governance lifecycle has been capturing metadata at the source system,” explained John Mertic, Director of Program Management at ODPi, an open source foundation committed to simplification and standardization of the big data ecosystem. “Attunity’s commitment to ODPi compliance showcases its end-user focus on enabling integration across data management solutions. We are excited to continue our work together to encourage data interoperability and adoption of much-needed data management standards.”

“Attunity is solving one of the main issues associated data lakes and cloud repositories by delivering both the data and the necessary metadata insights. Now data scientists and business users know where the data came from and how it may have been modified– all in a single view. As a result, businesses can act more confidently and with greater agility,” said Dan Potter, VP Product Management and Marketing at Attunity. “Additionally, our recent certifications with Hortonworks and Apache Atlas demonstrate Attunity’s commitment to embracing metadata interoperability standards to enable enterprises to have better data governance, quality and management.”

About Attunity

Attunity is a leading provider of data integration and big data management software solutions that enable availability, delivery and management of data across heterogeneous enterprise platforms, organizations and the cloud. Our software solutions include data replication and distributiontest data managementchange data capture (CDC)data connectivityenterprise file replication (EFR), managed file transfer (MFT), data warehouse automationdata usage analytics and cloud data delivery.

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