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March 9, 2023

Arcitecta Joins the Active Archive Alliance

BOULDER, Colo. – March 9, 2023 – The Active Archive Alliance has announced that Arcitecta has joined the organization. The Active Archive Alliance is a collaboration of industry-leading data management, storage and IT vendors that collectively support the use of active archive solutions for data lifecycle management.

“Active archiving has moved to the forefront of IT strategies,” said Betsy Doughty, co-chairperson of the Active Archive Alliance and vice president of corporate marketing at Spectra Logic. “Arcitecta’s unique approach to data management makes it a perfect fit for organizations looking to access and utilize archived data while ensuring the preservation of that data. We’re pleased to welcome Arcitecta to the Active Archive Alliance.”

Arcitecta is transforming data management and protection with Mediaflux, a rich end-to-end data management platform that simplifies data-intensive workflows in petabyte-scale environments to improve business and research outcomes. It combines all data into a single global namespace with services for analyzing, transforming, moving and managing the lifecycle of the data over years, decades, or longer. Mediaflux presents as a database and file system (network attached storage) at the same time and actively manages the placement of data for cost optimization and maximizing resilience.

“As the amount of data continues to increase, organizations need new approaches to data management that can protect their data at scales that encompass billions of files and petabytes or more of data,” said Jason Lohrey, founder, and CEO of Arcitecta. “We look forward to working with the other storage and IT industry leaders of the Active Archive Alliance to help institutions around the world simplify and scale their data management and active archives.”

An active archive allows organizations to take control over their archival data, keeping it immediately accessible so users can find what they need when they need it. Broad integration across storage systems and platforms saves money and time, and cybersecurity measures like air gaps and strong user authentication keep data safe. Active archive file systems span multiple media types, including flash, disk, tape, optical, or cloud (public or private), file, block or object storage systems.

Interested in joining other leading active archive solution vendors in advancing modern strategies to solve data growth challenges? Visit the Active Archive Alliance Sponsorship page for more details on how your organization can benefit.

About Active Archive Alliance

The Active Archive Alliance serves as a vendor-neutral, trusted source for providing end-users with technical expertise and guidance to design and implement modern active archive strategies that solve data growth challenges through intelligent data management. Active archives enable reliable, online and cost-effective access to data throughout its life and are compatible with flash, disk, tape, or cloud as well as file, block or object storage systems. They help move data to the appropriate storage tiers to minimize cost while maintaining ease of user accessibility.

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