June 3, 2014

Altiscale Announces Availability of Hive 0.13 on HaaS Platform

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 3 — Altiscale, Inc., a leading innovator in Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS) solutions, today announced the availability of Apache Hive 0.13 on its HaaS platform, just weeks since its general software release to the industry. For data scientists and businesses that rely on insights derived from data, Hive 0.13 can deliver significant performance gains over previous versions. Since Altiscale performs integration and performance testing as part of operational certification, customers can immediately take full advantage of this new tool. This responsiveness helps make Altiscale, the industry’s only purpose-built Hadoop service, the most advanced and useful HaaS platform in the industry.

“In order to help our customers continue to compete effectively, it’s imperative they can leverage the latest Hadoop ecosystem developments, such as Hive 0.13,” says Soam Acharya, head of Applications Architecture at Altiscale. “Hive 0.13 is a key step toward real-time, interactive, and in-memory processing. Customers should not be held back by their HaaS vendor in utilizing this capability.”

Altiscale is unlike any other HaaS offering in that the service runs Hadoop for customers, so they are freed from operating, monitoring, managing, or updating their Hadoop cluster. As a result, Altiscale is well positioned to bring its customers the latest from the Hadoop ecosystem, like Hive 0.13. What’s more, all of this is done on infrastructure that has been purpose-built by industry veterans to run Hadoop at scale. As a result, Altiscale delivers the industry’s best performance and availability.

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