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October 29, 2013

Alteryx Brings Predictive Analytics to Hadoop

NEW YORK, N.Y., Oct. 29 – Alteryx today announced that for the first time, analysts and business users can easily create and run sophisticated predictive analytics directly on data stored in CDH (Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop). This new integration between Cloudera, Alteryx and Revolution Analytics enables everyday business users to leverage the intuitive Alteryx interface, which makes predictive analytics accessible, to perform complex data analysis using in-Hadoop analytics with unprecedented simplicity.

“We are unlocking the power of Big Data and putting it directly into the hands of data analysts,” said George Mathew, President and COO of Alteryx. “To make this possible, Alteryx allows every analyst to get the value of predictive analysis from modern Big Data infrastructure. Our combined efforts with Cloudera and Revolution Analytics ensure that users now have an ultra-scalable platform that can handle even the most sophisticated Big Data analysis with industry leading ease of use.”

Support for in-Hadoop predictive analytics using Revolution R Enterprise will be available for Alteryx Strategic Analytics version 9.0; it is now in private beta and planned for general release in Q1 2014. Alteryx already provides support for analytics utilizing CDH through both Hive and Impala, and will now include the massive scalability of R-powered Big Data analytics within CDH. Alteryx and Revolution Analytics are cross-bundling their products and engaging in deeper product integration to move the compute context across desktop, server and in-Hadoop deployments.

Hadoop has become a generalized computing platform for collecting all varieties of data in one place, and enterprises are increasingly adopting Hadoop to store their growing volumes of structured and unstructured data. However, capturing the information is only the first step: companies also must combine it with all the relevant data in their organization and analyze the data to uncover new patterns and insights. As predictive analytics becomes an increasingly more critical enterprise requirement, Hadoop is evolving from a data management platform to one that becomes a general-purpose compute platform. Cloudera is one of the leaders in this transition with optimizations for access to data stored in CDH, the introduction of Impala and the recently announced support for in-Hadoop predictive analytics using Revolution R Enterprise.

The R open source programming language excels at powerful data analytics. Emerging as the enterprise and scientific standard for statistical computing, R has achieved widespread popularity among statisticians and data scientists. Revolution Analytics’ enhanced R distribution uniquely handles ever-growing volumes of Big Data, leveraging high-performance parallel external-memory algorithms that eliminate memory capacity limitations. Although R itself requires programming skills, Alteryx provides a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily create predictive analytical workflows in R.

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