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February 1, 2024

Adastra Launches Prescriptive Sales Recommender and AI-Enhanced Search Solution, Powered by Amazon Tech

TORONTO, Feb. 1, 2024 — Adastra, a global leader in Cloud, Data, and AI solutions and services announced today the launch of two innovative generative AI solutions. The first is the Prescriptive Sales Recommender which enables sales representatives to harness cutting-edge large language models (LLMs) through Amazon SageMaker Jumpstart or Amazon Bedrock. The second, the AskYourData Generative AI-Augmented Intelligent Search Solution, powered by Amazon Bedrock, can generate natural language insights from data assets.

Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker JumpStart efficiently deliver artificial intelligence solutions for customers. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that makes foundation models from leading AI companies accessible via an API to build and scale generative AI applications. Amazon SageMaker JumpStart streamlines the development and deployment of intelligent solutions.

The Prescriptive Sales Recommender empowers sales representatives with data-driven insights and personalized support. It leverages detailed product data and forecasting outcomes to generate customized transcripts for sales representatives for personalized conversations with customers. It also delivers a comprehensive package of sales solutions, including sales forecasting, optimized sales productivity, and continuous performance improvement. These outputs can seamlessly integrate with CRM tools.

The AskYourData Generative AI-Augmented Intelligent Search Solution allows users to easily upload structured and unstructured data assets and gain insights through natural language queries on any chatbot interface. This new solution generates context, provides summarized responses to user questions in a consumable form, and connects data sources. It combines traditional search algorithms with generative techniques to create valuable business insights and is designed to provide easily consumable summaries and responses. The information can then be used to create content and templates for new documents based on historical databases.

An advantage of Adastra’s new Prescriptive Sales Recommender and the AskYourData Generative AI-Augmented Intelligent Search Solution is that both technologies have passed the rigorous AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR), ensuring stability, security, and reliability, and are now available in AWS Marketplace.

“We are committed to empowering enterprises, and the people that work for them, to enhance their customer engagement strategies and drive success while enhancing security in an increasingly digital world,” said Rahim Hajee, Chief Executive Officer, Adastra. “We are extremely proud of both technologies and their availability on AWS because, together, we are bringing organizations important tools that will help to scale their businesses and provide superior support to their customers.”

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