July 15, 2014

Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition Now Available

July 15 — Actian Corporation (“Actian”) today announced the general availability of the Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition. Debuted at last month’s Hadoop Summit, the Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition, is the highest performing, industrial grade, fully compliant SQL in Hadoop offering on the market today.

“The Hadoop SQL Edition is the first and most comprehensive solution to give the millions of SQL users and business analysts access to data in Hadoop,” said Mark Milani, senior vice president product engineering for Actian. “By combining that access with the only end-to-end analytic processing natively in Hadoop, the analytic process is more available, consumable and easier to manage for companies investing in Hadoop. The Hadoop SQL Edition broadens the scope of data discovery, increases the accuracy of decisions, and speeds time to value – delivering on the promise of big data analytics.”

Powered by Actian’s patent-pending vector processing engine used by hundreds of customers, the Hadoop SQL Edition unleashes the record-breaking capabilities of the X100 engine across every node of the massively scalable Hadoop architecture. The result is that Actian’s platform performs up to 30 times faster than the nearest competitive offering while delivering fully industrialized capabilities that include business-critical security, complete ACID compliance, full SQL support, and libraries of analytics functions to make the entire analytic process more consumable and easier to manage. Additionally, the platform provides the only YARN Ready, end-to-end analytic processing natively in Hadoop and accelerates the full analytics process from data blending and enrichment to analytic computation and operational BI.

Until now, business analysts and BI tools have been locked out of the big data lake because only a subset of SQL was supported in Hadoop. Some SQL queries would not run in Hadoop while others had to be completely rewritten due to incomplete SQL support. Actian’s platform addresses this challenge by providing the broad SQL support that users demand from an enterprise-grade analytics database. The maturity of Actian’s SQL environment also delivers industrial-strength DBMS security, encompassing users, roles, and authentication with ACID-compliant reliability. The Actian Analytics Platform gives data scientists and analysts powerful productivity and accuracy breakthroughs while making high-science analytics consumable, accessible, and re-usable.

“[Actian’s] announcement is important because Hadoop has largely been the domain of developers and data scientists with programming skills, but high performing, compliant-SQL-on-Hadoop makes it interesting and accessible to a large community of business intelligence professionals and other SQL-jockeys in enterprises,” said Forrester Research, Inc., (“Quick Take: Actian Throws Down the SQL-On-Hadoop Gauntlet,” June 9, 2014).

Pricing and Availability

The Hadoop SQL Edition is now generally available. As with the Extreme Edition of the Actian Analytics Platform, the Hadoop SQL Edition follows Actian’s new all-in-one platform pricing that gives organizations the affordability and flexibility to grow and change with their business needs. The platform pricing includes capacity-based and subscription models as well as an innovative Right-to-Deploy option, helping customers successfully and economically scale to get the most business value from their data assets. For detailed pricing information, please contact Actian at info@actian.com.

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