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February 11, 2014

Accenture and DataStax Establish Big Data Alliance

Feb. 11 — Accenture and DataStax have signed an alliance agreement, formalizing their longstanding collaboration in helping clients manage and drive insights from big data seamlessly and rapidly across the enterprise. The two companies will continue to work closely providing clients with real-time, open source-based big data capabilities that enable businesses to detect and prevent fraud and create more personalized interactions online.

The alliance combines Accenture’s deep industry expertise, analytics skills, cloud capabilities, and focus on driving analytics-driven outcomes, provided through Accenture Analytics, with DataStax’s enterprise-ready big data platform built on Apache Cassandra. The collaboration is committed to supporting enterprise efforts to build resilient, real-time enabled and scalable data supply chains needed to unlock the full value of data that an enterprise can access.

As detailed in the Accenture Technology Vision 2014, enabling data supply chains to accelerate data through the enterprise for analytic consumption and real-time decisioning have become critical competitive capabilities for the digital enterprise.

Vince Dell’Anno, global big data lead, Accenture Analytics, now a part of Accenture Digital, said, “As companies are moving rapidly towards becoming digital businesses, they have to be able to handle large volumes of data in real time so they can minimize risks and better engage with stakeholders in the digital space. They are looking for Accenture’s expertise in leveraging the cloud and emerging technologies such as DataStax’s big data platform to successfully compete on digital. Our new alliance with DataStax underpins our commitment to build an emerging technology ecosystem that our clients can leverage to drive business results from big data and help them achieve returns from their analytics investment.”

Dave Kloc, senior vice president, global business development, DataStax, said: “With our enterprise-ready big data platform, DataStax offers a proven and uniquely scalable solution that powers the online applications transforming organizations’ businesses in the digital world. Working with Accenture, we will be able to provide our technology at an enterprise-wide scale to Accenture clients, increasing demand and revenue for DataStax, as well as support Accenture’s development of offerings and assets in personalization and fraud detection.”

Today, Accenture clients are using DataStax in nearly every industry, from banking and retail to energy and utilities. They will benefit from the accelerated innovation that comes from collaboration between a global consulting and technology services provider and a highly innovative emerging technology provider, and have access to support and technical resources for DataStax’s big data platform as well as training opportunities. The alliance will allow Accenture to build out its big data offerings around no-SQL solutions and online transaction processing provided through Accenture Analytics and strengthen its commitment to become a leader in leveraging emerging big data and analytics technologies for organizations.