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Tag: USC

USC’s AI Framework Pushes Back Against COVID-19 Variants

Feb 9, 2021 |

Just when vaccines were approved and began to be distributed, COVID-19’s first troubling variants started to rear their ugly heads. The variants, particularly those from South Africa and the United Kingdom, possess troubling traits like higher infectiousness, higher risks of mortality and greater abilities to evade both natural antibodies and vaccines. Read more…

New Tool Focuses on Links Within Networks

Jul 23, 2019 |

Community detection algorithms used to evaluate how groups are clustered or partitioned are being used to determined how similar groups tend to either bind closer together or break apart. That capability is critical for data analysts trying to understand the structure of complex networks. Read more…

Watson: Coming to a Cloud Near You

Mar 11, 2013 |The cognitive computer known as Watson will soon be available as a service in the cloud. For now, we'll resist calling this "WaaS" and opt instead to point it as another step along the path of creating more robust, big data-ready cloud services. Read more…