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Skills Are Critical in Data Science Job Hunt

Aug 22, 2019 |

Those planning a career in data science have a healthy job outlook, as demand for data scientists continues to grow. While an advanced data science degree can definitely help, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that having the right skills is a more critical factor in landing your dream job. Read more…

Data Science Education Evolves to Meet Surging Demand

Sep 26, 2016 |

Here’s some good news for young data science professionals looking for that first job: your skills are in high demand and will help you land a job with an average starting salary close to $120,000. Read more…

Tracking the Data Science Talent Gap

Mar 25, 2016 |

If your company is looking to hire data scientist right now, good luck. Five years after Harvard Business Review first shone the spotlight on the data scientist shortage, the gap between data science supply and demand remains substantial. Read more…

Internet2 Puts Big Data Pedal to the Metal

Jul 18, 2012 |Internet2 is hard at work on the United States’ first open software-driven network (SDN) to round out their newest project, called the Innovation Platform. The group has been at the forefront of academic computing and network innovations since its inception in 1996 with a blend of human, IP and optical networks designed to make massive... Read more…