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Tamr Whips Semi-Structured Data Into Shape

May 19, 2014 |

Big data startup Tamr today came out of stealth mode with a new product that leverages predictive algorithms and crowdsourcing from subject matter experts to automate much of the work of transforming semi-structured data so it can be more effectively utilized in analytic systems. Read more…

Automating the Pain Out of Big Data Transformation

Jan 24, 2014 |Having a big data set is a bit like owning a big house. There are many more activities available to you and your friends, but at the end of the day, keeping the house clean and tidy is a major expense. What the world really needs right now is a way to automate the process of cleaning, normalizing, and preparing the big data set (the house) for the next analysis (party). Luckily, the big data community has responded with new offerings that take data transformations to new automated heights. Read more…

Trifacta Gets $12M to Refine Raw Data

Dec 6, 2013 |One of the most pressing problems affecting big data analysis projects is the difficulty in getting clean data to work with. Whether you’re planning to use MapReduce or a fancy machine learning algorithm to glean insights from your data, you’re not going to get very far into your project if the data is messy, unclean, or incomplete. Data transformation startup Trifecta just got $12 million to build a product that addresses this problem. Read more…

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