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Tibco Launches BI Cloud, Updates Streaming Platform

Jun 8, 2017 |

As self-service data analytics inexorably shifts to the cloud, another business intelligence and analytics tool vendor has rolled out a cloud platform along with an updated version of its streaming analytics framework as a way of expanding its customer base. Read more…

Capital Markets Push CEP to the Limit

Jun 27, 2012 |This week we take a big picture look at complex event processing for the capital markets game. According to officials from Sybase, TIBCO, Streambase, OneMarketData and others, turning big data into fast, usable data has always been a challenge, but new platforms are pushing the limits in terms of... Read more…

CEP Commands Database Deathwatch

May 7, 2012 |Several in the arena of complex event processing, including TIBCO and StreamBase, have argued for some time that the days of the mighty database are numbered. Real-time streams of data that can provide in the moment actionable information are the.... Read more…

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