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Using In-Memory Data Grids for Global Data Integration

By enabling extremely fast and scalable data access even under large and growing workloads, in-memory data grids (IMDGs) have proven their value in storing fast-changing application data, such as financial trading data, shopping data, and much more. As organizations work to efficiently access their critical business data across multiple sites or scale their processing into the cloud, the need rapidly has grown to quickly and seamlessly migrate data where it is needed. The use of IMDGs creates an exciting opportunity for organizations to employ powerful global strategies for data sharing. Federating IMDGs across multiple sites enables seamless, transparent access to data from any site and provides an ideal solution to the challenge of global data integration. Read more…

Ephemeral, Fast Data Finds Home in Memory

For any number of businesses, big data isn’t useful unless it’s fast and responsive data. In other words, the challenges that reflect the volume and complexity sides of the big data coin represent just one face. To discuss this and some new approaches that are changing in memory data grid usage, we speak with Dr. William Bain of ScaleOut.... Read more…