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SAP Aims to Simplify Data Analytics in the Cloud

Jun 18, 2020 |

SAP is no stranger to complexity. German engineers have certain expectations to uphold, after all. But with the latest release of HANA and related analytics services in the cloud, the storied enterprise software firm has taken firm steps to simplify its lineup and reduce the complexity for customers. Read more…

SAP Seeks RPA Bot Breakthrough, But Will Workflows Cooperate?

Oct 11, 2019 |

The concept is simple enough: Use robotic process automation (RPA) bots trained with machine learning to do the digital busy work of humans, such as approving invoices. SAP already has a product that ostensibly does that, and now it’s hoping to make it even better through the application of user behavior mining and machine learning. Read more…

Eyeing Expansion, SAP Pushes HANA to the Cloud

May 9, 2019 |

SAP continues to push its flagship HANA in-memory database platform higher into the cloud with a range of new analytics, cloud storage, AI and robotic process automation features aimed down-market beyond big companies and “complex scenarios.”

As SAP (NYSE: Read more…

Esri Adds an Unstructured Location Data Capability

Feb 22, 2018 |

Spatial analytics specialist Esri continues to expand its mapping platform with the acquisition of ClearTerra, a developer of geospatial and other intelligence tools focused on unstructured data.

Esri, Redlands, Calif., announced the acquisition on Thursday (Feb. Read more…

Geospatial Data Moves to SAP HANA

Jan 24, 2018 |

SAP is adding geospatial data to its growing list of database offerings as it launches a partnership with spatial analytics specialist Esri to adopt SAP’s in-memory data and application development platform. Read more…

Altiscale Deal Would Boost SAP Hadoop Offerings

Aug 31, 2016 |

In a bid to enhance its enterprise cloud software offerings with expanded Hadoop services, SAP is reportedly acquiring big data analytics startup Altiscale Inc.

The web site reported late last week that SAP (NYSE: Read more…

SAP Combines In-Memory Engine With Hadoop

Sep 2, 2015 |

A new in-memory query engine designed to boost interactive analytics capabilities on Hadoop has been added to SAP HANA along with other new cloud platform services.

SAP HANA Vora software released this week aims to leverage and extend the Apache Spark execution framework to boost the performance of Hadoop. Read more…

MapR Claims Momentum as Hadoop Subs Grow

Dec 9, 2014 |

MapR Technologies said this week that paid subscriptions to its distribution of Apache Hadoop exceeded 700 in November while existing customers increased current subscriptions at an expansion rate of more than 200 percent during its most recent quarter ending Sept. Read more…

This Week’s Big Data Big Five

Oct 18, 2012 |Some vendors are getting a leg up on the competition by announcing their updates and roll-outs ahead of the HadoopWorld event crowd, including Hortonworks, Panasas, Alpine Data, SAP and others--all of which are finding new and interesting ways to.... Read more…

SAP Signals Spawn of In-Memory Era

Sep 18, 2012 |When talking about big data, one can analyze a relatively small amount of data really quickly, or build something like a Hadoop cluster and analyze a lot of data over a long period of time.“Today we are living in a world of compromises,” said SAP’s Pushkar Bhat at a SAP... Read more…