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Datanami People to Watch 2020

Feb 24, 2020 |We present the Datanami People to Watch for 2020. Read more…

Rob Bearden Returns to Lead Cloudera’s Second Act

Jan 21, 2020 |

When Cloudera ran into trouble last June following poor financial results, the board jettisoned senior leadership, including CEO Tom Reilly and Mike Olson, its chief strategy officer. Those moves would open up a path for Hortonworks co-founder Rob Bearden to return to the company that he had a hand in shaping. Read more…

Hadoop Opportunity ‘Never Been Bigger’ Says Hortonworks CEO

Jun 9, 2015 |

Don’t be fooled by the Hadoop naysayers, Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden told an audience at the Hadoop Summit yesterday. “The opportunity has never been bigger,” he said. “We may never have an opportunity this big again in our careers.” Read more…

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