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Presto Use Surges, Qubole Finds

Apr 18, 2018 |

Don’t look now, but Presto, the SQL engine developed by Facebook as a follow-on to Hive, is starting to catch on in a big way. According to a new survey of big data-as-a-service customers by Qubole, Presto logged impressive usage gains during 2017, and outgrew Hive and Spark across many metrics. Read more…

Will Overconfidence Kill Big Data?

Mar 13, 2017 |

Here’s an alarming disconnect:  Noted research firm Gartner predicts 80% of big data projects will fail by 2018, due largely to complexity and integration challenges. Yet in a just-published survey by Dimensional Research, 87% of data professionals feel confident that they can build a self-service big data infrastructure – Read more…

Why the Cloud and Big Data? Why Now?

Dec 16, 2016 |

The potential benefits of putting big data in the cloud have been known for years. The simplicity and flexibility that comes with having infrastructure as software appeared to be an attractive solution to the complex management big data projects require. Read more…

Apache Spark Ecosystem Continues To Build

Feb 25, 2015 |

Apache Spark was everywhere at the recent Strata + Hadoop World conference. From Tableau’s new Spark interface to the new Spark as a service (SaaS) offerings and Intel’s new Spark initiative, the big data framework was very hard to miss. Read more…

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