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The Top Five Reasons to Use Multi-Tier Storage for Managing Scientific Data

Oct 30, 2017 |

According to International Data Corporation (in an IDC White Paper sponsored by Seagate), the amount of data in the world will reach 163 zettabytes by 2025. Read more…

Quantum Adds Global Smarts to StorNext File System

Apr 20, 2017 |

Companies that use Quantum’s StorNext platform to store massive amounts of data this week got a glimpse of new storage capabilities that should make it easier to access their data horde from anywhere in the world. Read more…

A Gateway to Unstructured Data

Apr 24, 2013 |The ability to access the recent explosion of unstructured data, in the forms of social media data as well as video and audio files, can be limited. SGI, with their planned release of the InfinteStorage Gateway on June 15, hopes to quicken that access, with the goal being to provide a single universal place from which to draw all sorts of media types and files. Read more…

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