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Tag: predictive analyitcs

EU Analytics Effort Goes ‘Extreme Scale’

May 22, 2020 |

A European Union analytics initiative seeks to forge a new software architecture for what developers dub “extreme-scale” data analytics that would be applied to autonomous transportation and “smart mobility” systems. Read more…

Intel Builds Analytics, Database Use Cases for Optane

Apr 4, 2019 |

Intel offered a list of use cases for its Optane DC persistent memory technology during a company event this week, including Twitter’s effort to scale its Hadoop clusters using Optane and SAP HANA’s database improvements focused on applications like machine learning and predictive analytics. Read more…

ML Tool Speeds Deployment of Health Predictor

Nov 17, 2016 |

Large health datasets are being used to develop predictive risk models for individual and population groups. The latest example is a partnership between a predictive analytics vendor and a machine-learning platform specialist to deploy a new health predictor. Read more…

Wall Street Firm Seeks Small Data Antidote to Big Market Excesses

Nov 2, 2015 |

The advent of algorithmic trading has fundamentally changed Wall Street. Instead of guys in blue suits buying or selling in the pit, complex algorithms developed by Ivy League quants continually execute trades based on little blips in the data. Read more…

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