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Tag: open source software

Soda Launches Open Data Monitoring

Feb 10, 2021 |

The roster of data monitoring platform vendors continues to grow with the release of open source SQL management tools by Belgian startup Soda.

Earlier this month, Brussels-based Soda announced a $17.7 million Series A and seed funding round led by European venture investor Singular along with existing seed funders DCF, Hummingbird Ventures, Point Nine Capital and angel investors. Read more…

New Library Adds Causality to ML Models

Jan 28, 2020 |

A new open source library is designed to help data scientists and domain experts jointly develop machine learning models based on causal relationships rather than just data correlations. The developers of the new CausalNex library argue that running machine learning projects without considering causality can lead to faulty conclusions. Read more…

Why Redis Needs Enterprise Developers

Oct 6, 2015 |

It sounds strange now, but it was at least a couple of years from the moment I released the first open source version of Redis, to the moment I started to hear “enterprise” in the context of Redis. Read more…