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Tag: Open Data Platform

IBM Rolls Power-based ‘Data Engine’

Feb 10, 2016 |

A new IBM “data engine” for running key open source analytics frameworks is built on the company’s recently added line of OpenPower Linux servers customized for big data workloads.

Technical details of the IBM data engine for Hadoop and Spark were released this week (Feb. Read more…

Hadoop’s Next Big Battle: Apache Versus ODP

Apr 24, 2015 |


When the Open Data Platform launched in February, it effectively split the Hadoop community down the middle, with Hortonworks, Pivotal, and IBM throwing in with the ODP, and MapR and Cloudera keeping their chips on the Apache Software Foundation. Read more…

Making Sense of the ODP—Where Does Hadoop Go From Here?

Feb 24, 2015 |

It was no coincidence that Hortonworks and Pivotal unveiled Open Data Platform last week at the start of Strata + Hadoop World, which is Cloudera’s semi-annual parade to everything Hadoop. Read more…

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