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Obama, NIH Announce Big Data Gathering Push for Precision Medicine

Jul 7, 2016 |

One could be forgiven for experiencing a bit of hopeful, skepticism in response to U.S. President Barack Obama Administration’s statement in May regarding re-energizing the “War Against Cancer.” The war against cancer is a many-decades old effort with mixed results – great progress in many areas but matched with disappointment in others. Read more…

The NIH Pushes the Boundaries of Health Research with Data Analytics

Sep 21, 2015 |

In conjunction with MapR, Datanami presents the NIH with this month’s “Big Data All Star” award.
Big Data All Star

Few things probably excite a data analyst more than data on a mission, especially when that mission has the potential to literally save lives. Read more…

NIH Effort Looks to Compress Big Genomics Data

Jul 10, 2015 |

The steady progress being made in “precision,” or genomic medicine is bringing with it a growing need to get a better handle on soaring data volumes. For example, a single human genome sequence constitutes a roughly 140-gigabyte data file. Read more…

NIH Commits Nearly $100 Million to Build Big Data R&D Centers

Jul 30, 2013 |The National Institute of Health (NIH) last week announced plans to spend $24 million per year for the next four years to establish a series of big data centers of excellence that will explore better ways to help biomedical researchers store, manage, and analyze large sets of data. In addition to traditional scientists, the governmental agency is encouraging data scientists to apply to receive funding under the research and development program. Read more…

Big Data in the Big Game

Feb 1, 2013 |While the NFL is often considered only as a sporting entity, it is important to remember that it is also a multi-billion dollar business. And like any other multi-billion dollar business, they need to use analytics to connect with their fans and please their customers. Read more…

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