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Tag: neural nets

New AI Chips to Give GPUs a Run for Deep Learning Money

Apr 24, 2017 |

CPUs and GPUs, move over. Thanks to recent revelations surrounding Google’s new Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), the computing world appears to be on the cusp of a new generation of chips designed specifically for deep learning workloads. Read more…

How Spark Illuminates Deep Learning

Feb 8, 2017 |

Data scientists everywhere are delving more deeply into deep learning (DL). If you’re only skimming the surface of this trend, you might think that the Spark community, which focuses on broader applications of machine learning, is watching it all from the sidelines. Read more…

Intel Details AI Hardware Strategy for Post-GPU Age

Nov 17, 2016 |

Intel today revealed its product roadmap for embedding its processors with key capabilities and attributes needed to take artificial intelligence (AI) to the next level. It also used its Intel AI Day event in San Francisco today as a platform to reveal the code-names of two projects that will result in new silicon rolling out in 2017 and beyond. Read more…

Three Unique Ways Machine Learning Is Being Used In the Real World

Nov 18, 2015 |

Machine learning has emerged as the key technology enabling predictive analytic uses cases upon big data. Accompanying that emergence is a set of common use cases, such as fraud detection in credit card processing and product recommendation in retail. Read more…