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Tag: near real-time pipelines

Streamlio Claims Pulsar Performance Advantages Over Kafka

Mar 6, 2018 |

Streamlio, a startup created a real-time streaming analytics platform on top of Apache Pulsar and Apache Heron, today published results of stream processing benchmark that claims Pulsar has up to a 150% performance improvement over Apache Kafka. Read more…

Yelp Open Sources Data Pipeline That Saved It $10M

Nov 17, 2016 |

Yelp today open sourced a key piece of code that helped it migrate from a monolithic code base to a distributed services-based architecture. Called Data Pipeline, the Python-based product saved the crowd-sourced review website $10 million by simplifying how more than a billion messages per day flows from MySQL through Kafka to big data destinations, such as Hadoop, Redshift, and Cassandra. Read more…

Investments in Fast Data Analytics Surge

Jul 7, 2016 |

Companies are quickly ramping up their investments fast data analytics and real-time stream processing frameworks and lowering spending on batch technologies in an attempt to get on top of growing data volumes and velocities, a new survey says. Read more…

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