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Tag: Nate Silver

Systemic Data Errors Still Plague Presidential Polling

Oct 7, 2020 |

Four years ago, national polling firms almost universally failed to detect the true level of support for Donald Trump in his quest for the White House. This year, the same underlying conditions that made Trump’s electoral college victory such a surprise are still in play, according to data experts. Read more…

Nate Silver Warns Against Big Data Assumptions

May 10, 2013 |While there are many uses today for big data, the general principle is thus: more data equals bigger sample sizes from which more accurate representations can be drawn. However, noted statistically inclined prognosticator Nate Silver warned at the RMS Exceedance Conference in Boston this week that an over-abundance of data can be dangerous and counter-productive if managed improperly. Read more…

Obama Win Reinforces New Tech Era

Nov 7, 2012 |During Obama’s first four years in office, open source technology was behind many innovations, including advancements in Hadoop, smartphone platforms, and much more. In order to create the massive datasets from which to draw accurate insight, data availability becomes paramount. Read more…
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