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Tag: NameNode

WANdisco Opens Up the Dance Floor Beyond Just Hadoop

Apr 21, 2015 |

WANdisco today launched WANdisco Fusion, its new flagship data replication product for Hadoop. The new software delivers real-time replication of data not just among plain-vanilla Hadoop clusters, but also among HDFS-compatible file systems, such as those used by MapR Technologies, EMC Isilon, Amazon S3, and Teradata. Read more…

Avoiding Split Brainedness in HA Hadoop Clusters

Mar 4, 2014 |The US Patent and Trademark Office recently granted Zettaset a patent for the underlying technology in its Hadoop high availability that prevents a "split-brain" situation where multiple master nodes think they're in control of the Hadoop cluster. It's a feather in the cap for Zettaset, which has also innovated in the area of Hadoop security. Read more…

Apache Hadoop 2.0.3-Alpha Released With Future Outlook

Feb 19, 2013 |The next generation of the Apache Hadoop open-source software framework has been given an alpha release and set free in the wild, delivering the next major milestone for the Apache Hadoop community. Read more…

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