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MLB Unravels Home Run Mystery with Analytics, Modeling and Simulation

May 25, 2018 |

Since the 2015 season, the ball has been flying out of Major League ballparks at a remarkable clip. While people had ideas about what caused the surge, nobody knew for sure. Read more…

Baseball Analytics Yields MVP Contenders

Jul 30, 2015 |

As the Major League Baseball trading deadline approaches on Friday (July 31), one sabermetric statistic is ubiquitous in all trade rumor reports: WAR.

WAR stands for “Wins Above Replacement,” Read more…

Today’s Baseball Analytics Make Moneyball Look Like Child’s Play

Oct 24, 2014 |

Baseball has always been a game of numbers and statistics. But thanks to an explosion of data over the past seven years and the advent of new analytic software running on supercomputers, the game is on the cusp of changes that will make Moneyball look like it belongs in the minor leagues. Read more…

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