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Real-Time Streaming for ML Usage Jumps 5X, Study Says

May 7, 2019 |

A new survey sponsored by Lightbend found that implementations of real-time stream data processing systems for machine learning and AI applications jumped by 500% over the past two years. It also found that Kafka is almost ubiquitous, that concerns about state handling must be addressed, and that containers are prime locations for fast data systems. Read more…

Five Considerations to Help Ensure Long-Term AI Program Success

Jan 14, 2019 |

Analytics, AI and Deep Learning continue to make extensive inroads into data-oriented industries presenting significant opportunities for Enterprises and research organizations. However, the potential for AI to improve business performance and competitiveness demands a different approach to managing the data lifecycle. Read more…

DataOps Hiring Surges Thanks to ML, Real-Time Streaming

Jun 13, 2018 |

Nearly three-quarters of companies plan to hire a data operations (DataOps) professional in 2018, according to a new survey commissioned by Nexla, which says investment and interest in machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced and real-time analytics is driving the demand. Read more…

Google to Automate Machine Learning with AutoML Service

Jan 17, 2018 |

Organizations that want to get started with machine learning but are intimidated by the cost and complexity – not to mention the difficulty of finding data scientists — may be interested in a new service Google announced today called Google AutoML. Read more…

Graphcore Touts 100x ML Speedup with PCIe Plug-In

Oct 31, 2016 |

Graphcore emerged from stealth mode today with news of a $30 million Series A round to help finance ongoing development of its machine learning (ML) and deep learning acceleration solutions, including a PCIe card that plugs directly into a server’s bus. Read more…

DataRPM Gets $5M to Liberate Data from Warehouses

Mar 11, 2014 |What if you could ask your Hadoop cluster questions about your data in a natural, conversational style, and get the results served to you in a visual interface? That is essentially what the data analytics startup DataRPM has created, and today, the company announced $5.1 million in Series A venture funding to take that product to market. Read more…

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