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How Big Data Analytics Can Help Fight ISIS

Oct 14, 2014 |

The rapid rise of the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) this summer grabbed the world’s attention and led to military action by the U.S. and its allies. Read more…

How DARPA Does Big Data

Aug 15, 2012 |This week we step back to see how the recent U.S government's push to further big data technologies is panning out--and how a military intelligence research agency like DARPA is addressing their own set of specific challenges. We zoom in on a number of specifics projects, including Mind's Eye, PROCEED, XDATA and others to gain a.... Read more…

Big Data Cloud Delivers Military Intelligence to U.S. Army in Afghanistan

Feb 6, 2012 |Private clouds are catching on in defense circles, as are new analytics technologies aimed at improving responses in real-time. IDC research vice president for HPC, Steve Conway, sheds light on how one innovative company is harnessing the cloud to leverage big data for mission-critical military operations. Read more…

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