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Hadoop Past, Present, and Future

May 17, 2016 |

Every few years the technology industry seems to be consumed with a shiny new object that gets hyped far beyond reality. At worst, the inevitable bursting of the hype bubble leads to the disappearance of the technology from relevance (remember Internet browsing on your TV?), but more often the hype subsides until a real but narrower focus for the technology is found. Read more…

Apache Beam’s Ambitious Goal: Unify Big Data Development

Apr 22, 2016 |

If you’re tired of using multiple technologies to accomplish various big data tasks, you may want to consider Apache Beam, a new distributed processing tool from Google that’s now incubating at the ASF. Read more…

Overcoming Spark Performance Challenges in Enterprise Hadoop Environments

Mar 22, 2016 |

Interest in Apache Spark is ballooning as word spreads about the real advantages it brings to the world of big data analytics. But like most new technologies, adopting Spark is not always smooth sailing–particularly if you’re running Spark jobs on a production Hadoop cluster. Read more…

Survey Sees Spark Emerging in 2016

Jan 19, 2016 |

This is the “Year of Spark,” asserts a new big data survey on analytics priorities.

The survey of more than 250 data scientists and architects, IT managers and business intelligence analysts released on Tuesday (Jan. Read more…

Picking the Right SQL-on-Hadoop Tool for the Job

Jan 13, 2016 |

SQL is, arguably, the biggest workload many organizations run on their Hadoop clusters. And there’s good reason why: The combination of a familiar interface (SQL) along with a modern computing architecture (Hadoop) enables people to manipulate and query data in new and powerful ways. Read more…

ScaleOut Pushes the Bottleneck in Latest IMDG Update

Dec 2, 2015 |

Each computer architecture, by definition, has a bottleneck that prevents it from performing faster. With the latest release of its in-memory data grid (IMDG) for performing data-parallel analytics, ScaleOut Software has continued to push the bottleneck out of the CPU and put it firmly into the network’s lap. Read more…

Cutting: Spark an ‘All-Around Win’ for Hadoop

Sep 24, 2015 |

Hadoop co-creator Doug Cutting said today that Apache Spark is “very clever” and is “pretty much an all-around win” for Hadoop, adding that it will enable developers to build better and faster data-oriented applications than MapReduce ever could. Read more…

Spark Is the Future of Hadoop, Cloudera Says

Sep 9, 2015 |

Apache Spark should be considered the default engine for Hadoop workloads going forward, taking the job that MapReduce held for many years, Cloudera announced today. The Hadoop distributor also announced its “One Platform Initiative” Read more…

Google Releases Dataflow, Announces Partners

Aug 12, 2015 |

Google is taking the wraps off its Dataflow hosted cloud service while announcing a batch of partnerships and third-party developers as part of an effort to reduce the operational hurdles associated with traditional data analytics systems. Read more…

Does InfiniBand Have a Future on Hadoop?

Aug 4, 2015 |

Hadoop was created to run on cheap commodity computers connected by slow Ethernet networks. But as Hadoop clusters get bigger and organizations press the upper limits of performance, they’re finding that specialized gear, such as solid state drives and InfiniBand networks, can pay dividends. Read more…

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