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MapR-DB Gets Secondary Indexes to Drive Operational Analytics

Sep 26, 2017 |

The ever-shrinking window of opportunity to act upon fresh data arriving from the world is forcing application developers to get more creative in how they analyze that data. Right there with them is MapR, which today at the Strata Data Conference unveiled a new release of its MapR-DB database that gives developers more powerful capabilities for operational analytics, including native support for secondary indexes. Read more…

MapR Gives Hadoop Distro More NoSQL Smarts

Sep 29, 2015 |

Hadoop and NoSQL databases share some similarities, but the platforms typically live within different levels of the big data spectrum. Now MapR Technologies is working to break those barriers down by adding a major piece of NoSQL functionality to its Hadoop distribution. Read more…

MapR Delivers Bi-Directional Replication with Distro Refresh

Feb 18, 2015 |

A new release of the MapR Distribution including Hadoop unveiled today will enable companies to perform real-time, bi-directional data replication between Hadoop clusters that are thousands of miles apart. The new table replication feature was added to MapR-DB, the NoSQL database included with the high-end edition of MapR’s commercial Hadoop offering. Read more…

MapR Reports Accelerated OpenTSDB Performance

Sep 9, 2014 |

Eyeing new Internet of Things (IoT) applications, MapR Technologies said its open-source distribution of Apache Hadoop “ingested” more than 100 million data points per second.

The performance benchmark for the MapR distribution with its in-Hadoop NoSQL database, MapR-DB, was achieved using only four nodes of a ten-node cluster. Read more…

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