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Tag: machine learning algorithms

Startup Takes AI Approach as Cyber Threats Mount

Jun 29, 2017 |

Little else has worked lately when it comes to cybersecurity, prompting a startup and its backers to give artificial intelligence a shot.

A group of industry veterans that includes a former FBI cyber-security expert emerged from stealth mode this week with a plan to leverage AI and machine learning technology to bolster enterprise security frameworks. Read more…

Machine Learning Tool Seeks to Automate Data Science

Oct 19, 2015 |

MIT researchers will report details this week on a “data science machine” billed as being able to automatically derive predictive models from raw data using a “Deep Feature Synthesis” algorithm. Read more…

Machine Learning Gets a Boost from Google

Oct 23, 2014 |

Search giant Google announced a partnership with Oxford University researchers that will target artificial intelligence applications such as image recognition and natural language understanding.

Google said U.K. researchers with its recently acquired DeepMind initiative would work with Oxford AI specialists who earlier this year cofounded Dark Blue Labs. Read more…

Big Data Unlocks the Secret Behind Women’s Shoes

Mar 20, 2014 |The relationship between a woman and her shoes is a deep and mysterious one. For centuries, the factors that drive a woman's decision to acquire them have eluded researchers. Now, UK data scientists claim to have cracked the code with a big data-powered application that tears down the wall separating a woman from finding perfect pairs of shoes for every occasion. Read more…