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Tag: machine data

Splunking Up a Machine Data Storm

Oct 7, 2013 |Splunk is a plucky company that's hoping to ride the rise of machine data and "the Internet of things" to riches as vast as the types of data it claims to be able to analyze. The company, which had a very successful IPO in 2012, has an interesting story, as it is in the process of evolving from being just another collector of enterprise IT logs (albeit one with a pretty interface) into the Consolidator General for All Machine Data. Read more…

Erecting Operational Intelligence Using Machine Data

Apr 9, 2013 |In 2011, rains from the monsoon season in Thailand triggered flooding that caught residents by surprise. After post flood analysis reportedly discovered that a significant amount of the loss was preventable, a networking reseller in Bangkok decided to use their expertise to build a flood warning system powered by Splunk Inc.’s machine data software platform. Read more…

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