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Exascale Storage Targets Big Data Archives

Apr 21, 2016 |

With exascale computing comes the requirement for exascale storage. Such a storage platform has emerged in the form of what is touted as the largest capacity tape storage library aimed initially at media and entertainment companies but also targeting HPC applications. Read more…

Tape Storage Spec Jumps to 15TB

Sep 15, 2015 |

Data storage licensing specifications released this week by a consortium of technology companies would boost tape storage capacity for archival and other long-term storage to as much as 15 terabytes. Read more…

Tape Gets Second Wind as Big Data Mounts

Sep 16, 2014 |

Think tape is dead in our big data world? Think again. This week, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) announced that it bought 20PB of tape capacity to expand the world’s biggest data archive. Read more…

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