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Opening Up Black Boxes with Explainable AI

May 30, 2018 |

One of the biggest challenges with deep learning is explaining to customers and regulators how the models get their answers. In many cases, we simply don’t know how the models generated their answers, even if we’re very confident in the answers themselves. Read more…

SAS Previews Upcoming Enhancements to Viya Platform

Apr 12, 2018 |

Neural network interpretability, integration with open source analytic libraries, and greater mobility within SAS’s product suite are among the capabilities that are coming to the SAS Viya platform later this quarter. Read more…

Dealing with Deep Learning’s Big Black Box Problem

Oct 27, 2017 |

Deep learning currently carries the torch for artificial intelligence, providing us with a glimpse of how powerfully intelligent machines may do our bidding in the future. But there’s a big problem with deep learning: Read more…

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