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Google Extends Olive Branch to Open Source Tech

Apr 9, 2019 |

Google Cloud today announced strategic partnerships with seven prominent providers of big data technologies that will bring those vendors’ solutions to the Google Cloud Platform as managed services. The move appears designed to position Google in a more favorable light relative to Amazon, which has taken a more heavy-handed approach with the open source backers. Read more…

What Does IBM’s Acquisition of Red Hat Mean for Open Source?

Oct 29, 2018 |

At first glance, IBM’s surprise announcement that it plans to buy Red Hat for $34 billion looks like a victory for open source, which has been a huge driver of innovation in the IT market for decades. Read more…

MarkLogic Looks to New Generation of Developers

Mar 29, 2012 |This week MarkLogic extended a helping hand to the next generation of data scientists at universities--as well as their faculty guides. The announcement, which provides some compelling ways to create use cases of its platform (not to mention the.... Read more…
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