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Platform Combines Visual Analytics, Vector Mapping

Dec 18, 2018 |

Geospatial analytics is scaling up for applications like the Internet of Things and climate analysis with the integration of the vector mapping technology and a visual analytics platform.

Arcadia Data said this week it has combined its visual analytics framework with MapGL vector mapping with the goal of providing “more granular visual geospatial analytics.” The integration brings together Mapbox GL’s GPU-based rendering engine with Arcadia Data’s recently announced GPU-accelerated visualization platform. Read more…

Resolving Hadoop’s Storage Gap

Mar 28, 2016 |

Over the past several years, the Hadoop ecosystem has made great strides in its real-time access capabilities, narrowing the gap compared to traditional database technologies. With systems such as Impala and Spark, analysts can now run complex queries or jobs over large datasets within a matter of seconds. Read more…

Cloudera Unveils Kudu, a Fast New Storage Option for Hadoop

Sep 28, 2015 |

Hadoop has been evolving from its batch-oriented roots into a more real-time system for some time. That evolution gained momentum today with Cloudera’s announcement of Kudu, a new  in-memory data store for Hadoop designed to support real-time analytics on fast changing data. Read more…

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