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Tag: key-value store

Kafka Transforming Into ‘Event Streaming Database’

Oct 1, 2019 |

Don’t look now, but Kafka is transforming into a database. That’s the new direction the popular event streaming platform is headed, according to Confluent CEO Jay Kreps keynote this morning, in which he gave a glimpse into new KSQL’s new “pull” Read more…

Redis Speeds Towards a Multi-Model Future

Sep 28, 2018 |

Redis is best known as a key-value store – a very fast, in-memory key-value store. But the folks developing the technology at Redis Labs have big plans to grow the NoSQL database’s repertoire, and along with it the capability to solve more of its customers’ Read more…

FoundationDB Goes Open Source

Apr 23, 2018 |

FoundationDB, the key value store-based NoSQL database designed to scale without sacrificing core ACID properties, has been released to the open source community.

Apple, which acquired the NoSQL database developer in March 2015, announced plans last week to turn over the distributed database to developers. Read more…

Graph Databases Seen ‘Connecting the Dots’

Jun 2, 2015 |

Graph databases are increasingly seen as a way to “connect the dots” as enterprise applications emerge requiring the linking of huge datasets.

In an overview of the emerging graph database market, Forrester Research Inc. Read more…

Basho Goes Vertical with Big Data Stack

May 27, 2015 |

Basho Technologies made a name for itself in the NoSQL database world by developing a scalable key-value store called Riak that’s used by the likes of Time Warner, The Weather Company, and Comcast. Read more…