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Tag: IT management

Optimizing Utilization Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Jan 20, 2020 |

Contextual blindness is one major risk that IT teams dealing with huge volumes of data are either unaware of or overlook, assuming it to be “the nature of their work.” Read more…

Early AIOps Adopters Not Sold on IT Advice

May 1, 2019 |

AIOps, the emerging IT operations technology that uses machine learning and AI techniques to automate digital infrastructure, has matured to the point where vendors are releasing surveys promising insights into how the technology is being implemented. Read more…

Speed of the Essence for ‘Machine Data’ Analytics

Apr 4, 2017 |

The ability to automate the analysis of “machine data” is most widely leveraged to speed IT operations along with use cases such as data security, a new industry survey finds, while accelerating the analysis of ephemeral machine data is emerging as a priority. Read more…

Can Big Data Tame the Chaos of Virtualized IT?

Feb 23, 2017 |

The “software-defined” revolution is driving private data centers toward AWS-like efficiency. However, the virtualization of hardware, storage, and networking—not to mention agile coding techniques and a rapid-fire “DevOps” culture–also makes it much more difficult for IT professionals to track down problems. Read more…