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Interana Delivers Customer Experience Analytics, with a Time-Series DB on the Side

Mar 26, 2019 |

Interana does develop a time-series database. But that doesn’t make Interana a time-series database company. The Silicon Valley firm says it’s gained market traction since it tweaked its approach and highlighted its fast ad-hoc query capabilities in the area of customer experience and customer journey analytics, rather than selling a time-series database. Read more…

It’s Time for Behavioral Analytics to Be Simpler, Interana Says

Nov 3, 2016 |

There are all sorts of patterns of human behavior hidden in your Web logs, call records, and sundry IoT data. The trick, of course, is identifying the patterns without expending enormous resources. Read more…

Interana Provides Self-­Service Behavioral Analytics of Event Data at Speed and Scale

Nov 9, 2015 |

One Is Easy; a Trillion Is Rather More Difficult

Not all data is equal. Event data has particular qualities that differentiate it. Specifically, the concepts of chronology and causality make it especially interesting for analysis. Read more…

Interana Tapped by Microsoft to Analyze Bing Searches

Aug 4, 2015 |

Interana, a big data startup that develops a database and related tools for doing analytics on time- and event-based data, today announced that Microsoft selected its software to analyze queries made with the Bing search engine, with the goal of better understanding user behavior. Read more…

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