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AI, You’ve Got Some Explaining To Do

Jul 6, 2018 |

Artificial intelligence has the potential to dramatically re-arrange our relationship with technology, hearkening a new era of human productivity, leisure, and wealth. But none of that good stuff is likely to happen unless AI practitioners can deliver on one simple request: Read more…

Ethical Data Science Is Good Data Science

Jun 22, 2018 |

There’s no doubt about it: The future will be machine driven, and central to this future are the advanced algorithms, which are fueled by the data they’re trained on. Every ad you see, every car driving itself, every medical diagnosis provided by a machine will be based on your data – Read more…

Keeping Your Models on the Straight and Narrow

Oct 24, 2017 |

Organizations of all stripes have adopted predictive models to help drive decision-making. But an increased reliance on machine learning can quickly turn into an expensive liability if bias, privacy, and other concerns aren’t adequately addressed. Read more…

Five Companies to Watch at Strata Data Conference

Sep 27, 2017 |

Just like the Big Apple, the big data industry doesn’t sleep, and innovations are constantly occuring. Here are five companies exhibiting at the Strata Data Conference this week that are either new, or are doing something new and innovative with big data. Read more…

Ex-Spy Contractor Immuta Eyes Enterprise Data

Aug 4, 2015 |

A data management startup focused on helping customers avoid the pitfalls of consolidating data has attracted $1.5 million in seed funding as the company looks to extend beyond government security contracts to address the booming enterprise market. Read more…

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