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Harvard, UCLA Researchers Use AI to Analyze Passion in Public Speaking

Apr 27, 2021 |

Sesh describes itself as a “neuroscience-based people development company.” Its cornerstone product is a tool called Empath, which uses AI to analyze video content, delivering insights on behavior and communication patterns. Read more…

A New Sequence for Stanford

Dec 3, 2012 |Stanford University, already a renowned genomics research institution, won approval for and is planning the building of an interdisciplinary genomics center. The center would rival that of MIT’s as well as Harvard’s Broad Institute for government funding and the top genomics personnel in the country. Read more…

DNA to Carry New Data Burden

Aug 21, 2012 |Harvard scientists from the Wyss Institute have taken a significant step forward, encrypting 700 terabytes of data such that a single gram of DNA would carry almost a zettabyte of information, defeating the previous DNA information density record by a factor of a thousand. Read more…