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Hadoop Gets a Security Boost from eBay’s Eagle

Nov 12, 2015 |

Security gaps have long been a concern for Hadoop users, prompting a flurry of data encryption approaches and cloud-based tools aimed at locking down the database platform.

Now, hyper-scale users like eBay are joining the effort by developing new tools to secure Hadoop in real time. Read more…

Will Poor Data Security Handicap Hadoop?

Feb 19, 2015 |

Companies around the world are looking to Hadoop as a platform on which to perform big data analytics. Every day, petabytes of data are flowing into Hadoop clusters with the aim of giving them a competitive edge. Read more…

Big Data Breach: Security Concerns Still Shadow Hadoop

Nov 6, 2014 |

Halloween has come and gone, but big scares lurk in the forecast for security officers, who should be frightened to the bone about the prospect of their Hadoop clusters getting hacked. Read more…