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Google Adds ‘Structured Signals’ to Model Training

Sep 4, 2019 |

An effort to bring structure and meaning to huge volumes of varied data is being used to improve training of neural networks.

The technique, dubbed Neural Structured Learning (NSL) attempts to leverage what developers call “structured signals.” In model training, those signals represent the connections or similarities among labeled and unlabeled data samples. Read more…

20 Lessons Enterprise CIOs Can Learn from Supercomputing

Nov 12, 2012 |This week the 24th annual Supercomputing Conference (SC12) kicks off in Salt Lake City, bringing together oer ten thousand of the top thinkers in high performance computing (HPC). Aside from the expected exascale and chip talk, however, are some compelling sessions and presentations on Hadoop, MapReduce, graph analytics, benchmarks to measure data-intensive performance and more. This means big opportunities for enterprise execs who... Read more…

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