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Multi-Dimensional Graph Data Opens the Door to New Applications

Jun 2, 2015 |

As the use of graph databases has grown in recent years, ever more applications of this technology involve storing, searching, and reasoning about events. In fact, many companies use this technology for this purpose, and the size of these databases is rising in many cases to billions of events. Read more…

Graph Databases Seen ‘Connecting the Dots’

Jun 2, 2015 |

Graph databases are increasingly seen as a way to “connect the dots” as enterprise applications emerge requiring the linking of huge datasets.

In an overview of the emerging graph database market, Forrester Research Inc. Read more…

Hadoop, Triple Stores, and the Semantic Data Lake

May 26, 2015 |

Hadoop-based data lakes are springing up all over the place as organizations seek low-cost repositories for storing huge mounds of semi-structured data. But when it comes to analyzing that data, some organizations are finding the going tougher than expected. Read more…

Why Graph Databases Are Becoming Part of Everyday Life

Mar 26, 2015 |

Zephyr Health, a San Francisco-based software company that offers a data analytics platform for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, wanted its customers to unlock more value from their data relationships. Read more…

DataStax Dips Into Graph Waters, Pulls Out a Titan

Feb 3, 2015 |

Growing interest in graph database technology led DataStax to acquire Aurelius, the company behind the open source TitanDB graph database. DataStax tells Datanami that it plans to make the TitanDB technology available as an optional feature running on its commercial NoSQL database. Read more…

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