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Congress Opens Floodgates with Data Law

Jan 3, 2019 |

If, as many now suspect, open source is becoming less open, there was a bit of good news for open-source advocates at the end of 2018 when Congress approved legislation ensuring that unclassified government data remains free and available to all. Read more…

Exploring Governments’ Civic Data Connections

Aug 11, 2017 |

An individual data point is practically worthless by itself. Only when combined with other pieces of data can it contribute to the emergence of the bigger picture. For those in knowledge extraction industries, one of the biggest sources of data is our various government institutions that publish civic data. Read more…

What’s Driving the Explosion of Government Data?

Sep 11, 2014 |

Most people already know that the world produces massive amounts of data every day, and government organizations are a huge source of that data. For instance, it is estimated that next year the Department of Energy will create 300 terabytes of data per day from analyzing light sources, and by 2020, the department will create 15 petabytes of data per year analyzing high-energy physics. Read more…

Open Data Initiative Looks to Seed New Markets

May 7, 2014 |

A comprehensive survey of U.S. companies using open government data seeks to determine how they are using public information to generate new businesses and develop new products and services.

The study, Open Data 500, is being overseen by a research network called the Governance Lab. Read more…

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