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Quality Control Comes to Code Reviews

Feb 1, 2019 |

Among the IT plumbing being automated is the painstaking review of software code via machine learning tools designed to scan source code for inconsistencies while suggesting fixes that promise to speed the review process, thereby getting software updates out the door faster. Read more…

SnapLogic Adds GitHub, Container Support

Aug 15, 2018 |

More vendors are offering new integration tools for meeting growing enterprise demand for faster delivery of application software. Among the approaches is automating key elements of the continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline using emerging application container services and cloud-based open source development platforms. Read more…

Transfer Learning Project Looks to Reuse Training Data

Jun 26, 2018 |

A new open source project seeks to simplify the use of a machine learning framework called “transfer learning” in which the ability to accomplish one task can be applied to subsequent tasks. Read more…

Microsoft Releases Deep Learning Toolkit

Jan 25, 2016 |

Microsoft has released to the open source community a set of internal GPU-powered tools designed to boost the performance of artificial intelligence technology used for computer speech recognition.

In a blog post, Microsoft (NASDAQ: Read more…

MapR Turns to Ubuntu in Bid to Increase Footprint

Apr 1, 2013 |Last week, MapR and Canonical announced a partnership to make the MapR M3 free community edition of Hadoop available to Ubuntu Linux OS. As part of MapR’s drive to increase its footprint, the company has announced that it is turning to GitHub to release the source code for the free package. Read more…

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