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Bringing Analytics to Time, Space Data

Mar 8, 2018 |

An experimental service unveiled by IBM Research looks to plumb the depths of mounting geospatial and temporal data generated by satellites, drones and sensor networks.

The cloud-based service called Physical Analytics Integrated Data Repository and Services, or PAIRS, Geoscope, seeks to glean insights from a growing roster of geospatial data sources. Read more…

Geospatial Data Moves to SAP HANA

Jan 24, 2018 |

SAP is adding geospatial data to its growing list of database offerings as it launches a partnership with spatial analytics specialist Esri to adopt SAP’s in-memory data and application development platform. Read more…

Qlik Takes to the Cloud, Buys GeoAnalytics Firm

Jan 25, 2017 |

Qlik Technologies this week unveiled its first fully functional cloud-based BI offering, Qlik Sense Cloud Business Platform, with monthly subscriptions costing $25 per user. The Pennsylvania firm this month also completed its first major deal as a newly private company with the acquisition of Swedish geolocation analytics developer Idevio. Read more…

Apple’s Mapsense Deal Continues Location Data Push

Sep 23, 2015 |

Apple’s acquisition of the mapping visualization startup Mapsense adds to the growing momentum behind analyzing and rendering location data.

According to multiple reports, Apple (AAPL) acquired the San Francisco-based startup recently for an estimated $30 million. Read more…

Researchers Turn Data into Dynamic Demographics

May 1, 2012 |Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have found a new, creative way to tap the ongoing stream of publicly-available social data to add spice to city demographic details. By harnessing real-time geolocation data, subtle cultural, class and other details about.... Read more…