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Pivotal Software is Latest Tech IPO

Apr 20, 2018 |

The uptick in technology stock offerings that accelerated in 2017 is gaining momentum this year as Pivotal Software joins a host of big data vendors going public.

The San Francisco-based cloud software vendor announced pricing on 37 million shares at $15 a share. Read more…

SnappyData Gets Funded for Spark-GemFire Combo

Apr 27, 2016 |

SnappyData today announced it has received $3.65 million in Series A funding to build a business around its real-time analytics platform that combines Apache Spark, Pivotal’s GemFire data grid, and an innovative data approximation method that makes big data more manageable. Read more…

Pivotal Throws in with Hortonworks and Open Source

Feb 17, 2015 |

Pivotal today pulled the plug on its proprietary big data strategy and uncorked a major repositioning that involves making core products like HAWQ, Greenplum, and GemFire open source and aligning its Hadoop fortunes with one-time rival Hortonworks. Read more…

Pivotal Refreshes Hadoop Offering, Adds In-Memory Processing

Mar 17, 2014 |As the commercial Hadoop field grows increasingly competitive, providers of this popular big data framework are working to differentiate their offerings. Pivotal, for one, has been honing the technologies developed and acquired by its parent companies as part of its vision to help enterprises realize the full potential of big data. Read more…

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