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Databricks Strings a Data Mesh with Lakehouse Federation

Databricks this week unveiled Lakehouse Federation, a set of new capabilities in its Unity Catalog that will enable its Delta Lake customers to access, govern, and process data residing outside of its lakehouse. The comp Read more…

Starburst Bolsters Trino Platform as Datanova Begins

Starburst today rolled out a host of enhancements to its Trino-based analytics platform for the cloud, called Galaxy, including support for Python, new caching and indexing features, and a new data catalog. The company u Read more…

Cloud Data Warehousing: Understanding Your Options

Cloud data warehouses have emerged as the go-to repositories for amassing huge amounts of data and running advanced analytics and AI upon it. This is great news for customers, who no longer must worry about provisioning Read more… Aims to Rethink Data Catalogs

What is a data catalog? If you answered that it’s simply an index that tells you where to find data, then Brett Hurt would like a word with you. As the co-founder and CEO of, Hurt is looking to redefine what Read more…